The Valissiya Snaps

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The new trend in online dating has been direct initiated by members of valissiya fan club. Members have the option of tipping valissiya towards goals set by the club. For example, you may choose to tip towards achieving a certain money amount or number of rubles. The amount or the number of rubles will be determined by the owner of the live cam model ready to be contacted page.

As soon as you receive a tip, you must direct it to the owner of the page within the first two minutes. The owner will either accept your tip or decline it. If it is declined, the owner will inform you immediately and you will not be able to tip this sweet girl. The great thing about this system is that you don’t need to leave a message; you simply send a simple message like “tips appreciated” to get your tips accepted.

Members of the fan club are also encouraged to use the “cash gifting” system to exchange gifts among themselves. The great thing about gifting is that you can gift each other anything ranging from electronic gadgets to trips. You will also be able to directly initiate tipping valissiya towards goals set by the club. The system works like this: once you sign-up as a member of valissiya live video stream chat site, simply create a profile of yourself using your photo as an avatar.

Once your profile is ready, simply log-in to the site, access the “cash gifting” option from the top menu and select it. Click on “activate”, fill out your chosen gift with your real information. That’s all! Your gifts will be delivered to the address provided within 24 hours of signing up as a member. Join the free chat today!

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