Maitland Ward Nude Photos

Former Disney star Maitland Ward has just about was crowned the sexiest woman alive today, by the virtue of a steamy, saucy preview clip that you can watch below. This is quite a monumental moment in the long history of Hollywood’s leading stars, as it’s going to mark the first (and only) time that an elite Disney princess has done explicit, porn-oriented sex scenes on film. And if you want to watch one of the sexiest women alive today to make sure that you check out the Camsodaclips YouTube videos below. You won’t be disappointed.

In this first Camsoda video, former actress Maitland Ward strips down to the absolute bare essentials to prepare for her role as Camsoda’s new love interest in the upcoming animated epic Infinity War. The clip shows Maitland in a white dress and high heels as she sits in front of a fireplace in her home. Then without any fanfare, Maitland hops up on a chair and removes her clothes one by one as the camera follows suit. If you want to see the trailer for the movie that will eventually make Maitland Ward a star, then make sure that you check out the infinity haired beauty’s videos.

Meanwhile back at home in California, Maitland’s husband Michael is getting ready to go to the gym after work. The two married couple appears to be doing well for a while, but then Michael gets distracted and passes away several months later. Maitland is devastated as her world crumbles around her, and she starts to have second thoughts about returning to work. But then, the actress gets a visit from an old friend who tells her to go back to work on her Infinity War role because one of the producers wants her to return.

So Maitland decides to go back to the set. Once there, however, she’s shocked when director Alex Kurtzman suddenly rushes into the room and informs her that the nude photos are actually used in the video and that the directors wanted to do a behind the scene video shot with her in a provocative pose. Maitland has no idea what to say to this stranger, but when she realizes that it is Kurtzman, the director explains that he has been her best friend since they were little girls and he watched her grow. In the video, Maitland wears a revealing blue dress and high heels and sits on a couch while the director positions her and puts a camera in front of her face. Then suddenly, Maitland gets up and walks over to the director while holding a copy of her latest video and asks him if they can make a “hard core porno number” with her. After refusing the director’s repeated attempts to get her to strip to the point of performing a sex act on camera, the director offers to give her a massage instead.

The nude photos were not used in the video, but they still look incredibly erotic. There are more than 30 images including one of Maitland in a white nude suit and doing a pole dance in a completely erotic scene. Although the images themselves look provocative, Maitland tells the director that she would never perform such acts on camera. However, a hard core porn fan has to question why she would not want to be in a scene where she appears to be doing exactly what she does in the video. Not only that, but the fact that the video looks like a legitimate footage of her performing the moves in a fleshy form, almost as if she was doing it for real.

Despite being offered such a bizarre reward, Maitland’s loyalty to Alex Kurtzman cannot be questioned. The two worked together on numerous other projects including the movie 300 and she would not have been allowed to star in that film if it weren’t for him. In an interview with the online publication Covert, she explained that she was happy to receive the nude photos since she enjoys being nude in public. She claims that she would not mind the fact that the pictures will be used in pornography. While she would like to see all of the photos on the internet for everyone to see, she understands that most people will probably not. In the end, she is satisfied with the fact that her nude photos will now be enjoyed by fans everywhere.