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How To Use Leimien For Business Contacts

Leimien is a completely free mobile app for iOS/ Android devices that monitor calls, texts and location of the mobile phone it’s installed on. The free mobile phone monitoring is performed secretly via hidden services (emails, browsers, social networking etc.) You won’t be told that the information is being tracked, instead you’ll be given the option to do so. You’ll only be asked for the permission once – after that you can monitor the call and SMS logs from any computer/ android device you’re connecting to.

To start tracking your mobile phone, first go into the “application drawer” of your Leimien account. Select “Call Logs”. Here you’ll see a list of your mobiles, each one having a different name and displayed in list form. Tap any phone to open its application drawer and note down the unique log name of the mobile phone.

You can also use the “call log” option on the “My Devices” page of your Leimien account. Here you’ll see all your phones listed, including their respective users. Tap the specific device or user in the list to open its mobile web browser. From here you can track and view all the calls and texts from the device.

You can also use the” texting” option on the “My Devices” page of your Leimien account. Here you’ll see all the people who have sent you a message since your last messaging, including the recipient. You can use this to check whom your best friends are talking to.

To prevent your phone from being stolen, you can also use the “Notify me” feature of your Leimien account. When the feature is activated, your phone will be checked every hour and will send you a text message if it’s registered to any new numbers. You can also see which numbers are being dialed from your phone by checking the call log. This is very useful if you’re suspicious that your spouse is cheating on you.

Last but not least, you can use your Leimien account to check your Facebook and Twitter accounts. By accessing the Facebook and Twitter applications you’ll be able to read all your friend’s text messages. The same is true for sending and receiving emails – your email account will show all messages sent to you as well as those you’ve deleted.

Leimien allows you to send text and picture messages right from your mobile phone, so make sure you have one available before you go looking for a service provider. You will need a mobile phone that supports SMS and MMS features in order to use this feature. The messages will show up on your phone as well as the person that you are texting with. If you don’t have one of these phones, or if your mobile provider doesn’t offer a text and picture plan, then you will have to use the web-based application instead.

One final point about using Leimien for business contacts is that it integrates very well with other apps. For example, if you happen to check your Facebook or Twitter account, you will likely notice that a number from one of those companies has appeared on your mobile home screen. This is because the Leimien company has partnered with some of the leading mobile companies in the world, allowing their contact management options to be automatically downloaded into your phone. It’s a nice feature and one that many of us have found ourselves taking advantage of because it saves time having to search for a contact management app.

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