Barbie Princess Camsoda Game Review

Katt Leya Camsoda is a brand new version of sport inspired by the most popular Indian movies called as Aparajit and Tiger Zinda Haze. With Katt-Leya, you get to enjoy the experience and fun of an Ayurvedic master with Camsoda. The game was first available for free on Android Market, and later for iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The game is designed by award winning designer Neeraj Shubhatha.

In this game, there are various Ayurvedic herbs which can be collected and used for different effects. Each herb gives a different effect and is required to be collected and used for certain actions. There are various levels in the game and once you reach a particular level, you will automatically start earning money by collecting herbs. You will also be gaining experience points and leveling up.

As you advance to higher levels, you will start receiving animated graphics and even 3D animation. The more you progress, the more effects and options are offered by the developers. The story of the game revolves around an Ayurvedic doctor called Katt Leya, who travels back in time to find his daughter who has become a married man. The father has made all the arrangements for his daughter’s marriage but when he sees his daughter heading towards a new home, he gets nostalgic about his own wedding day and tries to stop her by whatever means possible.

Katt gets captured by pirates and thrown into the sea. He comes across a beautiful woman named Sailuna and the two end up becoming friends. They also learn that their names were not given to them on that very day but thanks to this woman, they end up changing their names. Katt soon falls in love with Sailuna and she vows to help him in every way she can in order to save the love of his life. Unfortunately she is captured along with some other pirates and while she is away, Katt manages to free the rest of the crew from the pirate stronghold and rescue them.

In this game, Katt is now assisted by Sailuna. However, things do not go so easily as they had planned as they end up being captured once again. Katt manages to get the attention of the King of Rock and Roll and uses his new powers to break free from his chains. The King of Rock and Roll agrees to give Katt a chance so he can prove himself to him. Katt goes through a lot of training under the tutelage of Sailuna who also forms an alliance with him.

This game is similar to the old Super Mario World but with a few changes made to it to make it more exciting. Although it is an updated version, it still contains all the classic elements of the old games. Some people may find it a little boring especially if they have played the older versions but this is not a problem for hardcore fans of the series. In fact, these fans will enjoy playing it more because they can replay parts of the levels they want to experience.