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While the name “JustFans” may give you some insight into what this site is all about, it’s really nothing more than a commercial for OnlyFans. The only thing that makes me cringe a bit is the site itself, which is in French. I’m not exactly sure why the company wants to take things in that direction, but it sure is a turn off to me. You can tell that they’re trying to up their search engine rankings with this sort of approach, but I wouldn’t put too much stock into it.

Once I got past that, I was actually pleasantly surprised by JustFans. The design of the site is pretty decent, although I think they could have gone a bit more extreme in terms of the color scheme. The navigation bars are also a bit cluttered, so I think they need an overhaul. The only really useful feature that I found on the site is their lineups, which are pretty good.

The biggest complaint that I have (which I think is common amongst JustFans), is that their listings are not actually exclusive. If you happen to be browsing through the site and happen to find an unknown artist, there’s a pretty good chance that their profile will be displayed alongside that of another artist. I’m not sure why they choose to do this, but I guess it helps to attract more visitors. I suppose if they didn’t display both profiles of different artists, then you would be able to tell who was actually that.

That’s actually the main complaint that I have with the site, because I feel that it tends to “give the illusion” that you’re looking through the profiles of two totally different people when in reality you’re actually looking at the profiles of only one person. It seems that they’ve chosen not to put any kind of sorting option on their “search by artist” option, or to make it obvious that you don’t have to view other artists if you don’t want to. I feel this is a real missed opportunity. As someone who has purchased tickets from JustFans, I can tell you that I’ve always felt like they had plenty of choice.

Even though I’ve bought tickets from JustFans before, I was a little apprehensive about this site. I’d heard mixed things about it, and while the service was good, I thought it was strange that they weren’t displaying MySpace or Facebook connections in their search results. Fortunately, this wasn’t a major problem for me, as I only used MySpace for the free videos they offer, and those were easy to access since my friends all have profiles. I did feel a bit taken aback when I actually found out how many kids the Just FM site was aimed at (well over twenty five thousand). But I suppose it makes sense because the aim of the site isn’t to sell any tickets, but to create a community for music lovers.

My advice for parents who’re looking for a site for their kids to enjoy and learn from, but who aren’t quite ready to spend a lot of money on tickets, is to start with Just FM. It’s a great place to learn what the sites your kids might be using for music education are all about. Even if you don’t think they’ll ever use Just FM exclusively, it’s a good place to start. The site is also a good place to find out about other places kids are learning online.