Will Gudheadt Rock The Music Festival In The U.K.?

A lot of Gudheadt fans are looking forward to the new album that’s due to drop in the coming weeks, and the excitement is palpable among those who haven’t yet caught the British supergroup. This is the first time the band has released an album since 2020’s “Glamorama” – so it’s expected that they’ll be playing a few songs from the upcoming release as well as the first track of the album itself.

So what can we expect from “Gudheadt” before it drops? Well, according to the Gudheadt Facebook page, we can expect to hear the following songs on the album: “Is not Too Proud”, “Gudheadt”, “What Happened To Me”, “Rocks And Stones”, “Hang On To Your Love”Hex”. There’s also a teaser of “I’m Going to Make It Big” as a preview to the official release, which you can check out here.

The only real question is if Gudheadt will actually play these songs live at all. Judging by the buzz on Twitter and other social networking sites, there’s been a good deal of interest in seeing the band live – and they’ll likely be playing some of their singles to give fans a taste of what the album might sound like.

It’s possible that the band will also play some of the instrumental parts of songs, and it’s likely that they’ll have a guest appearance from one of their members. For example, “I’m Going to Make It Big” featured a chorus that was recorded by John Paul Jones and featured David Blaine on guitar.

If the band does play some of these songs live, it’s possible that there won’t be any lyrics included in them – because Gudheadt prefers not to get too personal with their music, he said during the “Glamorama” press conference. However, it’s certainly possible that they’ll still be able to write and record new lyrics as they go, so fans shouldn’t have to wait too long to hear the words to this album’s first single.

For now, it’s easy to see why Gudheadt fans are so excited about their new album. They’re looking forward to finally getting to hear the songs they’ve been waiting to hear from them for a long time – and now, Gudheadt has promised to be hitting the road with them once it’s finished. And if they follow through on their promise, we might be seeing Gudheadt headlining many festivals across the UK in the near future.