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Felicity Your Way

Felicity is a cute little girl who lives in New Jersey with her mother, father, and her two puppies. When her dad gets fired from his job, Felicity moves in with her mom’s boyfriend, Tom (John Ratzenberger).

When her mom’s boyfriend leaves town, Tom decides to move to New Jersey so he can get closer to New Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. He invites all of the women he knows to come over to his house so he can spend more time with them and have some fun with their husbands.

Felicity is not happy about this, as Tom is always spending too much time with other people and making bad decisions. He doesn’t take care of the house or do chores like she would want him to, so Felicity makes some bad decisions of her own. She gets herself pregnant and finds out that her mom has been hiding the fact that she is pregnant. This upsets Felicity, and she decides that she needs to do something about it and make sure her mom gets help.

Felicity’s mom has several plans to get what she wants and is doing some illegal things, and Felicity decides that she needs to get involved. She goes and finds out what Tom is up to and tells her mom, and then Felicity and Tom are on a mission to find the right place to hide their baby.

It is a bit strange how Felicity knows what Tom is up to and is willing to put everything on the line to protect her mom. It seems like it is a little bit too much for her, but she does this because of what Tom has done to her mother. Her mom was always very supportive of Tom’s decision to be a cop, but Felicity’s mother didn’t want to do anything because she was afraid that her daughter might hurt herself. Now that Felicity has found out what Tom has done, she is willing to take action on it and try to get him to stop. Felicity is just an ordinary person in this movie, and I don’t think we ever get to see the real Felicity.

As the movie goes on, you get to see what a normal family does in New Jersey without Felicity. The whole thing feels a bit forced, but I guess we can’t really blame the writer of the script. because it is really hard to make any plot work when it comes to a kid who is already so innocent and naive.

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